Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well Thanksgiving is over. What a wonderful day we had with everyone there but Nicki. We sure missed you Nicki and can't wait to see you for Christmas! Names have been drawn and a few have opted out. There is a $20.00 limit. Maybe you could post our lists ias a comment and then everyone can have access to them. Let me know what you think.

Ed will give to Mike
Sue - Jackie
Danny - John
Nate - Ed
Lara - Naomi
Lisa - Mason
Rick - Debby
Katie - Jenny
Dave - Don
Jackie - Tommie
DJ - Andrew
Hailey - Harlie
Don - Katie
Debby - Lara
Jenny - Jessie
Warren - Dave
Billy - Nate
Mason - Tyler
John - Warren
Sherri - Lisa
Tyler - Danny
Sierra - Hailey
Andrew - Cole
Mike - Rick
Naomi - Sherri
Jessie - Sue
Tommie - Billy
Harlie - Sierra
Cole - DJ


Grandma Debby said...

Let me know if you are getting anything from this list because this list is also going to 2 different families and Santa. Hope this helps.


-At Target Mega Bloks Disney’s Cars Super Building Set

-Toys R Us Disney Pixar's Cars The Movie Radiator Springs Mountain Challenge Track Playset by Mattel

-Disney Pixar's Cars the Movie Radio Control Transporter by Mattel
-Leap Frog Leapster handheld Learning System: with games
-Clothes 3T for pants and 4T for shirts
-Lincoln Logs

He likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Diego. He loves to build things, tools, remote control cars. He is getting a small training bike from Santa.


-Knitting needles and yarn

-I tunes gift cards

-Hannah Montana guitar


-Piano sheet music

-Pink swimming goggles

-High School Musical 3 CD

-Bike helmet

Clothes size 10

She likes anything Angels baseball, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Camp Rock. But she does NOT play with "Barbie" stuff. She likes arts and crafts and sewing.


Demerini Small barrel Baseball bat size 29" and 21oz


I tunes gift cards

I home I pod docking station with alarm clock

Swimming goggles.

Anything Angels baseball. If you find an Angels beadspread or blanket he would like that.

Clothes size 10

harris clan said...

- tini puppini dog stuff
- target "our generation" (knock off american girl stuff) doll accesories. (parents and grandparents bought the main big things)
- anything arts and crafts, you can NEVER go wrong with pens, paper, crayons, etc.
- anything outdoors
- shutes and ladders (game)
- clothes- shoes size 11. clothes girls xs or s.

- anything hotwheels, matchbox etc.
- anything outdoors
- anything motorcycles, trucks, cars etc.
- clothes 5T, shoes size 11

he is so easy to buy for. he is all boy

- gift cards tilly's, target, itunes, abercrombie, hollister
- make up
- converse 8 1/2 or 9
- new ipod
- twilight stuff
- d.s. game wedding designer
- clothes juniors size 1 or xs, s, girls 16. pants she preffers skinny (trendy, plus the others are always to short)

John and Sherri Rex Family said...

Take off HM guitar from Sierra's list. and Ipod docking station and skateboard from Ty's.

John and Sherri Rex Family said...

- Good steady Tupperware set
-Sewing Machine Singer 4166 Has extended table attachment arm for quilting. Need walking foot to go with it.$180 at Costco
-Quilt Rack
-Quilts (brick red and neutral colors)
-Jewlery, earings, necklaces

harris clan said...

jackie would also like to add chinese money! hahaha she means gift cards to pei wei or pfchangs.

-gift cards to lane bryant, sephora, mac, itunes , gift card to moores so i can get my sewing machine serviced
-measuring spoons (instead of measuring cups they are spoons. they are totally cool!)
-old fashioned glass jars. they have them at target. in all different sizes. they are clear glass with a ball like blob on the lid. i want them for my counter.

dave is so simple(boring) he would like gift cards to costco. home depot is always good too.

lisa Rapier said...

Ricks list

horse magazines (ask Lisa)
GC to Yorba Linda Feed or Kruse
Gma - Gmpa quilt

Lisa's list

Iron for quilting
Gma- Gmpa quilt
digital scale
Quilting straight pins
dvd - Fever pitch

Naomi said...

The following music CD's:

*Rascal Flatts - Take me There, Me and My Gang, Feels like Today
*Taylor Swift- Fearless
*Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts


*Deseret Books
*JoAnn Fabrics

The Following Games:

*Cranium WOW version
*Ticket to Ride
*Settlers of Catan

Mike -

Lowes Gift Cards

Boot Dryer (can pick up at REI around 30$) for the academy

Backpack/camel bag combination for camping

Camping mess kit (all in one combo)

He can't really think of anything else.... I'll add more if I think of anything for him.

Naomi said...

Naomi -
One more thing on my list: A wrought Iron quilt rack that can display at least three quilts :)

Gift cards to Fry's

id4ty8 said...


christmas decorations- I am really enjoying decorating could use some stuff for my walls
small tree like my mom has by her dolls
home depot card- i want some wood for the top of my entertainment center.
micheals gift certificate I have some art I want matted
ugg knock offs-10


fishing license
cordless drill (or Home Depot card to put towards a purchase)
bath blizzard (ask Jenny)
saw horses


Clothes (he like south Pole Jeans sz 14)
DC (shoes)
gift cards
nerf gun (ask mom)


Rocker Cowboy stuff
best buy gift card
visa card (he buys upgrades on his games and has to have a visa to do so)
xbox live cards

John and Sherri Rex Family said...

Pepe's gift card.
Seriously that's what he said. LOL!

John and Sherri Rex Family said...
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GMA Barb said...

Gift cert for:
Ace hardware, Home Depot or Big 5

Short black or white slip
Gift Cert : Cozy Cottage, Cranberry Quilt Works, Joann's
Jim Shore..Christmas

Nate and Lara said...

Sorry!! I've been behind...I'm leaving my Christmas list, and later on I'll post Nate's. I have asked him around twenty times what he wants...maybe on the twenty first time he'll actually answer and then I'll post!! :)

I'm very simple...gift cards to Target, sephora, or any other interesting stores with tiny tiny clothes:) I LOVE blankets. My mom started her kids on their first christmas trees as married couples and my tree theme is snowmen and candy! :) So any ornaments or tree stuff is always fun. It's amazing the new things we girls get to be excited over! :)
I'll be backt to post Nate's list!

Nate and Lara said...

Nate wants big 5 gift cards!! :)

Danny said...

Guitar Center Gift Card for me would be super radical.