Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nate's LACO Fire Graduation

Nate graduated from the LACO Fire Academy on Friday 28 2009. It was a wonderful day and we are so proud of him.  Rick and I are so happy, I think I may miss making all those lunches for him =).  His new station is #12 in Alta Dena. He is on the B shift and his first day is February 1st.  We hope he doesn't have to cook on his first day. Ha!  

This is P. Michael Freeman (the #1 guy) presenting Nate with his badge, #1591.  Rick was able to really pin it on Nate thanks to Chief Bryant... First class to be able to do that in ages.
Here's Nate standing at attention, waiting to be called up to the  stage.  I love this picture!  Thank you  everyone for your support and prayers.  We love you and now can't wait for Mike to be next!

L.A. County Fire Dept. Academy

Sorry, my wife still hasn't been able to sign into the blog so she can't write on here yet. Things are going great so far. We have a really good group of guys, and everybody is helping each other out. The captains say our class has the highest scores that they've ever seen. I'm doing good. Tired, and sore, but good. I have got to go to work now. I'm in the parking lot, and everyone's showing up now. I'l try to everyone updated.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is Mike really in the LACO Fire academy?

Hey Naomi!!! We are all really excited for Mike and would like a little up date.  Rick and I drove by the training facility on monday and they were testing the recruits that day. (Rick's captain is one of the testers) so how about a little up date on Mike.  We love him and are praying for him.  The family bog is a perfect place to let everyone know what he's doing and how it's going. =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

survivor stratagy

i think its funny that sue and ed posted about survivor. mom and i have been asking our clients a question for a couple weeks and i keep forgetting to ask my family the same question.

how would you play the game? would do what you could to play the game? would you always tell the truth? would you outwit, out last, out play? or would you pull a johnny fair play? hahaha

what would you do? i personaly would know how to start a fire, tie knots, fish, and make jewelry(jenn i need some pointers) i would play the game. if i needed to pull a johny i would. heelllooo people, it worked!(for a little while) but it sure was good tv. i have family and friends, and i am not going for more. i am going to play

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ed auditioned for Survivor today!

It was SO much fun!  We got to meet Sugar and Gillian and hang out with them for about 3 hours.  They answered tons of questions and we learned sooo much about Survivor.  The casting director was there and she told us so much stuff.  From this last season they found Sugar in a dog park and originally wanted her for the show Greatest American Dog but the casting director hoped she wouldn't make it because she thought she was perfect for Survivor.  Also, she found Matty in a grocery store in LA fighting with his girlfriend and thought he was so funny so she asked him to audition.  She also told us about the time when Johnny Fairplay lied about his grandma.  She got a call in the middle of the night from the producers and had her call to see if his grandma was alive.  He was lying to the producers too...telling them she was dead.  We found out that they don't know yet where this next Survivor will be filmed.  But once they get picked they leave and have no further contact with their families until after it's over.  They are in the remote location for a few weeks before Survivor starts and they are with the rest of the cast but are not allowed to talk to each other until they land on the beach and the game begins.  They get paid around $2000.00 for every three days they are in the game.  If they are kicked out first they have to stay their for the entire time but do not get paid.  Sugar and Gillian said everything you see is real.  They do not tell them where to go or what to say and they do not feed them out of the view of the camera.  They said it is a true reality show.  They said it was much harder to deal with the people in the game than the conditions.  They said that after they are voted off they have to walk down that long, dark path with a blindfold on so they don't know where they are going.  Once they are kicked off they are taken away and have no further knowledge of what goes on in the game.  Ed was very lucky to have the casting director there.  She gave him lots and lots of helpful hints on what to say in his audition.  He talked to Becky who auditioned last week in Palm Springs and there was no one from the show there and their audition was only 1 minute.  Ed's was 2 minutes.  They take you into a room in the back and put you in front of a camera and you have to talk about yourself for 2 minutes.  They ask you no questions.  The camera guy told someone that Ed did really good!   If he makes it, they start filming at the end of June and go to the middle of August.  Ed really wants to do this so I hope he makes it!  Keep your fingers crossed.  They told him that he should get a phone call by the end of next week if they want him to move on in the process.  Here are some pictures from today.  You know I had to document this adventure! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherri!!!!!

Hope you have a very happy birthday. By the way, glad you were able to get a new dishwasher! Happy Day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rockstar Tournament Champions!!!!!

We spent last weekend in Tustin at a soccer tournament for Harlie. Her team was playing some pretty tough teams and wasnt expected to do very well. We tied the first 2 games and were playing the 1st place silver team in Southern California. Somehow they were able to pull of a win 2-1 which moved us to the finals. The final game was played agaist a team we have lost to 5 times by 1 goal. The game was fun to watch, it was well matched up and Canyon PSA GU12 were able to pull off a victory!!! Harlie had her best tournament to date on the field. Her foot work was top notch!!! Congratulation Harlie we are very proud of you!!!! Wish us luck as we leave tomorrow for another tournament against some nationally ranked teams in Arizona.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicki!

We love you!!  Hope you're having a great birthday.  XOXOXOX

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa to Arizona

Grandpa was itchy to go someplace so since we had never seen tombstone decided to go see what was there.....No idea that it had been a huge city where silver was discovered and brought in cowboys, miners, shopkeepers and hookers....So.....We got past Blythe early and decided to go as far as Apache Junction, not a good idea...the Pheonix traffic was worse than the 60 and 10 put together. By the time we got there it was COLD, grandpa had a heck of a time hooking up the TV and the electric blanket didn't heat up very well. Next morning water pipes were frozen and we couldn't even fllush potty! We survived the night and decided to find a little market or something in that little town....WALLMART... and hundreds of snow birds.Checked in with Lisa and Debby and thought we bettter check in with Ed and discovered he was in the town we had just passed thru....Pheonix....He and Sue were there for a race.
We did have fun in Tombstone, saw the exact spot where the gunfight at the OK correl was, in fact they were putting on a little drama depicting the gunfight. Explored the town and then back to the trailer. I decided to go to the Ladies room, went in, "went", the toilet overflowed, I decided I would go to the office to report it, but when I started to walk out I noticed two urinals and figured "Oh my gosh, I am in the Mens side"...oops I walked out the door, not looking to the right or left and scurried to our trailer. Nate said " Honey'remember there are five letters on the womens side and three on the mens...Next morning off to go home....Truck driving great...A man drove up next to us and kept pointing at the rear of the trailer....Oh no...a shredded tire...It took about an hour for AAA to arrive and change it to the spare...In town we bought a new spare and off again, listning to a really good book on tape when a truck driver started pointing to the trailer. What now??? The awning had come loose....We got off the freeway as soon as possible and somehow got the thing to roll up good enough to continue traveling. Got home and are trying to think of where we want to go next...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm a member of the blog!

Hi family. Happy new year. Just thought I'd share something with you guys that happened to me the other night.

This is what I have to deal with. Crazy valley girls that want to hang out, but don't leave a number...

I actually have no idea who left me this voicemail, but it's pretty funny. Good prank.