Tuesday, April 28, 2009


OK for those of you who didn't hear yet our washing machine took it last breath last week. It overflowed and ruined the kitchen floors. During the damage demolishing they suggested we have the floors tested for asbestos and the test came out positive for asbestos under the floors. So we have to have the entry and kitchen contained and the men have to wear protective gear to rip up the floors. Think ET scene. This should be taking place Thursday or Friday.

I will keep everyone posted and updated on the progress. Right now I feel like I'm losing my mind. I took a few pictures for everyone. Hopefully after everything is said and done we will have a wonderful happy healthy kitchen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Clearing my name...

I'm not sure what happened... but I most definitely DID find my egg. I know there is someone out there who can back me up...

Would a face like this lie?

No way.

Possible causes of the extra egg...

1. Two eggs were made for me.
2. In the previous 6 years of missed Easters, an egg was made for me, but I was not there to find it. (If this is the case, there might be 5 more hanging around in the backyard)

I actually found my egg rather quickly, but that's not too surprising if there were 6 of them out there...

Friday, April 17, 2009


This morning (Friday after Easter) Grandpa and I were out weeding the hill when I found a purple Easter Egg! WHAT!!!!! Someone came in and feasted on the food without finding their egg. NO WAY!!! When I looked at the name I was surprised to see that our own Danny had actually come in and had food while his egg was still in its hiding place.
We had a late start as so many have late Church but we had a great time even if the weather was a little cool. The Bocchi ball tournament got cut a little short and Grandpa and Mike were victorious over Dave and John, but that was the only game played. We missed Jenny, Warren, Billy, Mason, Hailey and Nicki. The rest of the gang was here and we had a good visit and had the usual Easter food. We celebrated Tyler and Dannys birthdays. Tyler was thrilled with his new bat from his mom and dad and Grandma made a pillow case for Danny that had the names of a lot of favorite surfing spots on it. I wish you could have seen his face when he opened it. He thought it was a shirt when he first saw it and I think he thought that I had lost my mind. He would never want to be seen in it but was real happy to think of sleeping on it and dreaming about surfing. Karen Amagrande came by with two of her daughters, Michelle and Bekka and we all had fun reminising about good times at the River.
We all are looking forward to Mothers day at Black Meadow and so here is the cooking schedule

Lunch..Debby and Grandma
Dinner..Eddie and Sue

Lunch..Sherri and John
Dinner..Debby nd Grandma

Lunch..Sherri and John
Dinner..Lisa and Rick (Toco Salad)

Lunch..Brad and Kristin
Dinner..Katie and Dave

Lunch..Brad and Kristin
Dinner..Jenny and Warren

Mike is graduating on Friday and a lot of us will be leaving Thursday to go to that so those
who stay can eat leftovers.......Okay?????


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well... for those of you who don't know, Auntie Nay and I (Jessie) went to Utah and Idaho to look at college campuses of interest. What started out as a simple trip to Utah, took a few twisty turny thingys and ended up being quite entertaining. To make sure you get the FULL story... let's start from the beginning...
Auntie Nay said there would be some rain in Utah so we should pack warm clothes... of course, CAlifornia is not the coldest place.. so our warm clothes are NOT in any way shape or form UTAH WARM CLOTHES... please note for future trips of yours that UTAH is much COLDER when it rains. Especially when temperatures reach freezing and the rain drops turn to snow sleet. (At least it was pretty to look at.)
Day One:
Salt Lake City, Temple Square
(Welcome to Utah)
Firstly, Temple square is basically under construction. Don't get your hopes up on finding a parking spot... if you can find a parking lot. Once we DID find a parking spot, we paid... in an "on your honor box" (haha only in Utah). Those Mormons! Because it was raining... I mean POURING... we couldn't find anyone to take our picture for us outside the temple, so we did our best to accomodate ourselves... Three cheers for Nay Nay!!
Day Two:
Provo Utah
Rain... I mean Snow.
We spent Wednesday in Provo. It was raining when we left and to our pleasant surprise... whattya know... SNOW. We took the BYU campus tour with our very perky tour guide... *AND CUTE* on a Golf cart..... PS his name is Rhett... please see picture below. Don't we look lovely in our california rain clothes. we are sooo californians.

We had lunch with Lonette Stoddard. She's one of Kathy Raile's friends who works at BYU. I went to Nauvoo with her in February. We ate at the Wilkinson Center and then visited the HUMUNGO BYU bookstore. This is what BYU looked like when we came out of hibernating.

By the way, this is what our car looked like... we had a hard time finding it a couple times... because all the cars looked the same with their snuggies on (refer to commerical) . *Naomi doesn't think anyone will get that.* But you can totally ask her what happened on the way out from the Seagull Bookstore.

Many times we screamed like chickens with our heads cut off on our way into the mall... grocery stores... and multiple other places. We even learned how to create the human tidal wave with our car. There was so much slushy snow on the ground that our car swam in it. AND just walking in the parking lots was entertaining because from the time we walked from the car to a place where it was dry... our socks were soaked... no matter how hard we tried to keep dry. PS Californians do not own snow shoes.
Day Three:
More snow... and then rain

We went to Idaho EARLY this morning. NOTE I woke up EARLY over spring break.... and i DID NOT ATTEND SEMINARY. We drove four hours to Rexburg and toured the campus with our tour guide Ashley. It cleared up in RExburg... JUST FOR US!! YEA!!!
The rexburg temple is absolutely gorgeous.. and we didn't get a picture.. you can google it. And we saw basically every temple in utah. At least half of them. Then we totally drove back another FOUR hours in the car. IT rained. and WE SANG.... a lot... in the car... to the beatles... to keep awake because we were both exhausted. that is EIGHT freaking hours in a car. A CAR!!! but i got a free BYU -I Tshirt!!!! Yippeee!!!
This is us EXHAUSTED when we arrived home in Midvale at Scott's place.
We would like to thankGrandma Debby for taking us to the Airport and for picking us up tomorrow. We very much enjoyed her company and appreciated her taking the time to drive us to the airport and home. WE LOVE YOU.
And Thank you mom and dad and uncle mikey for letting us go on our trip to visit the BYU campuses... WE ARE HAVING TOOOOOO MUCH FUN.
And we are SO ready to go to bed. (We miss our beds)

Friday, April 3, 2009

uncle don

this morning jackie was coloring in her primary conference activity book. there is a page with facts and the pictures of the presidents and apostles on it, and you need to match them up. well i could hear her getting upset over something and i asked her what is wrong. she asked how to spell uncle don's name. i told her. she asked me to write it down so she could look for him. by this time i am lauhing. i ask her why. she was so frustrated hahaha. " i can't find his picture in here anywhere!" i am still chuckling to myself about that one. i love you jackie. you always make me smile! xoxo