Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day--2008

Grandpa and I want to thank all of you for such a wonderful surprise. I read it after you left and it really brought tears to my eyes. I re-read it this morning and the same thing happened and then I saw grandpa tearing up when he was reading it. What a great family we have. Grandpa says that God gave us memories so that we could have summer roses in the winters of our lives. Wow! We will read that little book many times and remember all the wonderful times that we have spent together and just think there will probably be plenty more years at Black Meadow. I'm going to try to find "Ride Like an Indian" so the little kids can hear it too. Thanks for all the help yesterday. Brad and Dave peeled all the potatoes. Thank you! Thanks to everyone who helped make Christmas dinner perfect...We felt so much love in our home yesterday. You are all the greatest.....We Love you so much....Grandma and Grandpa


ARGHHHHHH!!!! said...

I will have to post later I just wrote you all the most amazing blog and deleted IT!!!!! UGHHHHHH!!!

Lisa Rapier said...

Thank you for having us all over again for Christmas dinner and fun. We love coming to your house - it just feels like home to me. It goes to show that its not a house that feels like home but the people in it =). I hope you can tell how much we all love you two. I'm a lucky girl to be your daughter in this big crazy family!