Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

This Christmas has been, as usual, a success. I am glad it's over though. Thank you Aunt Lisa for hosting the annual cookie party. I think next year EVERYONE should wear an apron. I think that would be so cute!
I am trying to wind down and put my house back in order. The kids are happily playing with their new toys while I take a few minutes to write on the blog.
Andrew was such a character on Christmas. He is at the age that he is understanding that Christmas = presents. He was soooo excited as he opened each present including the baseball pillow case he got from Grandma Debby. He was so giddy! And I was equally excited to receive a red and black quilt from Grandma Barb. Love IT!!!
With John being gone in Santa Barbara for work I found time to make him a quilt. By the look of the picture he wasn't quite sure if I had done it considering I've been unable to do much with a hurt back. Thank you Naomi for helping, and thank you to all that help me tie it. Your help was very appreciated. John got me a new sewing machine so I will have to go fabric shopping soon so I can start another one. Quilting is something I would like to continue learning. I really enjoy it.
This past Holiday Season I have realized how blessed I am to have a family that loves me.


Lisa Rapier said...

I loved your blog Sherri and next year we will make aprons a must ( i love wearing an apron) the pictures are cute and I agree with you about having a family that loves you is a true blessing!

Grandma Debby said...

Yes, I think aprons are a must for next year. I just got a new one, a late birthday present from Lisa Taylor. She make it and it's RED!
We have the best you all.

harris clan said...

i wear apron's all day long at work and then i come home and put one on again. i want to make some fun looking ones. i am totaly up for fabric shopping

ARGHHHHHH!!!! said...

WHATEVER!!!! I'll wear my little apron around here... who needs a cookie party anyways!!! BAH HUMBUG!!

(really just mad i miss the party every year)