Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christams lists Mike and Naomi Rex

Naomi - sorry my list is a bit blah... I need gift cards to maternity stores or for maternity clothes, I am starting to need them!!!! I know there is a destination maternity store in the brea mall, other than that.... I don't know of any, I know kohls and target have ok maternity sections but I'm sure most of you know better than me! Otherwise I love Desseret bookstore gift cards. I'm sorry I'm boring this year, but we have no where to put anything else as we are trying to get rid of stuff to fit the baby!!!

Mike- I don't know what he wants, he is impossible for me to even shop for, but he always loves gift cards to fry's or home depot or lowes. I know he has fire stuff he is buying, but other than that he says he doesn't need anything at this moment. However his set of cordless drills and saw he got many christmases ago has died... the batteries are shot and the batteries costs just as much to replace as getting a new set almost... so that is something he was looking into.... so again sorry we are so blah this year! edit..... mike would like to add: a dremel-like tool kit he saw at frys (30 and under section): Cordless drill replacement batteries are Ryobi 18v ($40-$50 @ home depot)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting close to Christmas and I am really behind. No cookies baked, very little shopping done, but the tree is up, thanks to all who stayed late after dinner on Thanksgiving. Looking forward o seeing all of you soon......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

christmas lists~ harris family

Dave- gift cards to bass pro shop, home depot, lowes
new battery for his dewalt (its yellow and black)

katie- gift cards to home depot, lowes, sephora, lane bryant, avenue, yogurt land(yumm yumm), m&l fabrics. mac eye shadow compact (ask lisa),

hailey- gift cards! she is soooooo picky. itunes g.c., tilly's, areopostle, borders books. anything horse/cowgirl

jackie- she is getting a mp3 player and a DS for xmas so itunes cards would be great and anything DS related, games or accesories. ANYTHING horse/cowgirl is always loved. she likes littlest pet shop,hello kitty, coloring. clothes size 6/7, pants slim/skinny. shoes/boots 12 1/2-13

dj- he's getting a DS for christmas so any DS games or accesories are great. he's all boy... so cars trucks motor cycles are perfect. transformers, he saw and liked the hot wheels big rig(the side falls down and the cars shoot out), hot wheels has air planes. he loves them. (you punch the base and they shoot up) and like the rest of my family anything horse/cowboy. clothes 5or 6, pants slim. shoes 12 or 12 1/2.
*my kids also love anything to do with being outside. we have a wii and a xbox 360. those are all things we do together as a family.
xoxoxo love you all