Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Holiday I had. Just a perfect Christmas. I am so greatful for my family. How blessed we all are. I have so much appriciation in my heart for the family I have and how each one of you make a difference in my life. Working on the book for Grandma and Grandpa just really made the holiday. I was in touch with so many of you, working on the book, telling stories bonding. The book was a great success but it gave me more then the perfect gift for my Grandparents it gave me an excuse to slow down and spend some quality time with many of you. Thank you all for your contribution in the book.

As I came home and thought back on my holiday I have so many people I want to thank...Mom thank you for all the little touches that you go out of your way to accomplish to make a perfect christmas. I truley appriciate all the effort you put into making it a perfect holiday. Eddie Thank you for all your time and effort on getting those bikes and getting them ready...I really appriciate it and they are loving the bikes. (We leave in the morning for the mountains where they can ride ride ride) Thank you Sue for sacraficing Eds time to help me. Grandma and Grandpa thank you so so so much for driving out to Eds and picking up the bikes and delivering them to my moms to ensure a perfect christmas morning. You guys went above and beyond and I really appriciate you both. John, thank you for being stubborn and stuck on tradition! Thank you for heading over to Grandma and Grandpas early to make breakfast for those of us who made it in time to enjoy it. I love that tradition and am glad that we have kept it up. (next year ahead of time lets take orders so gma doesn't have a ton of left overs). Thank you to everyone who slowed down there busy lives to acknowledge my birthday....some of you a day early...but I was in your thoughts and I appriciate that.

We have alot to be greatful for and a wonderful family as much as I know this now...I am sure I will have an entire new appriciation for you all Monday (I am spending the next several days in a two bedroom modual up in the mountains with Warrens entire family...and it was my idea (i hope i don't kill myself before the weekend is up...lol))

I love you all...here is to an amazing 2009!!!!!


Danny said...

What about being grateful for my amazing wit and sense of style? Why didn't you mention that? :)

ARGHHHHHH!!!! said...

oh and ummm....thank you Danny for your amazing wit and sense of style...like I totally like dig it ummm kay!

GMA Barb said...

Jenny....finally I found out how to do this.....What a wonderful idea you had and how great the rest of the family got into the act. Grandpa and I have read and re-read the book many times and love it so much. I find something new each time I pick it up. You will never be able to top that gift. I love you...