Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HO HO HO Christmas Assignments

OK, Chrsitmas is a week from tomorrow.....are you ready? Here are your assignments for dinner, just a few changes from Thanksgiving.

Grandma Barb - turkey, potatoes, yams, cranberries
Debby - Pretzel jello (2 bowls), butter, peas
Lisa - pumpkin pies, cool whip
Sue - apple pie
Kris - jello (1 recipe put in 2 bowls)
Jennifer - dessert for Warren, 3 dozen brown and serve rolls
Katie - vegetable plate
Naomi - green bean casserole
Sherri - 5 cans pitted black olives, 3 dozen brown and serve rolls

Come for breakfast whenever you're ready. I's sure you big boys are ready to help grandpa again. Egg McMuffins are the popular choice and we DON'T MESS WITH TRADITION!
See you there. If you have anything to munch on during the day bring that too....


John and Sherri Rex Family said...

Yaaaa pretzel jello!!!!

Lisa Rapier said...

I can hardly wait to be with everyone again. I love my family!!!!!