Tuesday, November 18, 2008

okay, so Brea ison fire. Literally. And the Valentine Family does NOT have school! YIPPEE!!! However, we will be paying for it during summer vacation, I'm sure. We have some intense pictures that have been sent around in emails and some pictures that my friend Alexis took from her house.
I can't believe it. I mean seriously I just drove up Wildcat Way Friday morning to go to school and drove back down when I went home. That's my school. This is my home. This is seriously scary. The hills in Brea haven't burned in FOREVER. It's really scary to even think that our house is so close to the flames. My good friend Emily, and a lot of other people were evacuated in the Fanning Elementary School District and in the Olinda Ranch Area. Brea Canyon High SChool has burnt down. The soccer fields at brea olinda have burned also.
We always see fires on TV and we NEVER expect our own homes to be in such grave danger. When we watched San Diego burn, we watched and said... oh... wow... cali is burning. But now that it's Brea and Yorba Linda, well... I guess it's just frightening. Really. The places you see burning are you high school and the hills behind your house. And your friends are all being evacuated and you're packing because you're the next neighborhood to be evacuated. And in the middle of all the chaos, you stop and think. wow. this is really happening.
My favorite part though, was sitting on the roof with my dad, Billy, Mason, and Tommie. Awesome. It was wierd watching the hills burn, but it was so cool to sit up there together and just... well... absorb it. Long day and long weekend, but all is well.
Scary Stuff Ladies and Gents. Scary Stuff.


Uncle Sue said...

Awesome pictures Jess! Can't believe how close it was to you guys! Glad you're ok. Love you!

nrapier said...

Insane! I'm so happy you are all safe!