Monday, November 24, 2008

Naomi and Mikes New additions

We'll we were supposed to get on here and post this awhile back, but it never happened. Naomi and I were checkin' out the dog scene 'cause we were wanting to get a dog. Well we were parusing the local pet stores for a couple of weeks. For a mixed breed small dog that didn't shed. Well we found a dog in Orange that we liked. So we were put in a room with 3 dogs from the same litter, to see how they were and pick one out. Well right away we had them take away one dog because it was just INSANE!! It was so hyper and it just didn't stop! So we had these other two dogs one was a super calm male, and the other was this really cute female. We Decided on the Female because she was more active, but not nearly as crazy as the first dog we had them take away.

Well to make a long story short, we left the store with both of the dogs, because Naomi just couldn't seperate them, and the sales lady sold Naomi on them being better together when nobody was home.
We've had the dogs now for a couple of weeks and the girl is just how she was in the store, but the boy is INSANE!! It turns out he was sick when he got him and now he was gotten over his kenal cough and is runs around all day long tackling his sister and biting me in the nose. He has turned out just like the brother that we definatetly didn't want in the pet store. We love them both though.
The dogs are named Gizmo, and Xena, they are Morkies (and Maltese and Yorkie mix). I'm going to try to add some pictures but my internet is insanely stupid lately and I might not b e able to get them on here. This Blog Thingy is kinda cool. It's nice to see how everyone is doing.


lisa Rapier said...

Sooooo cute!!!! I love them. Maybe Naomi can medicate the little guy =)

Uncle Sue said...

Brandi is part Maltese so they are cousins!! They are so cute. Are you bringing them to Thanksgiving? I want to see them!

nrapier said...

So incredibly cute! I can't believe you got two of them!!! You guys'll have your hands full!

I love this blog, it makes me feel so connected to all of you.

And Mom, you're too funny.