Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nate and Lara are Engaged!

Big News......if you haven't heard, Nate popped the big question to Lara last Sunday and she said YES! Exciting news. I hear the ring is beautiful. Hopefully Nate will see this and post a picture and maybe tell his other BIG story!


harris clan said...

i am so excited! i am going to have a sister in law! my little brother is growing up into a man.

Valentine Family said...

Nate and Lara, congratulations!!! We are so excited for guys!! What a cute couple!! Welcome to the family Lara!!! Love your favorite cousin.

nrapier said...

here's the ring! Congratulations to Nate and Lara! I'm so happy about my new sis!

lisa Rapier said...

I'theat m excited to have Lara in our family. Now if we can just get her to sing for us sometime - I'm excited for you guys!