Wednesday, November 12, 2008

apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

jack is sooooo nicki. they both have so much fun at school. i call jackie nicki all the time. jackie is learning spanish, chinese, red ribbon week, and the new president... rock bama. oh i forgot. they also pray to jesus everyday.

she comes home singing songs about the days of the week (in english) and then starts singing it in spanish ( well.... her version of spanish) when you tell her that its close but not quite spanish yet, she says.... oh mom, i was just teasing you. its really china. thats what they speak in chinese.

a couple weeks ago was red ribbon week. how do you explain to a 5yr old what drugs are?!?! so she starts coming home with all this d.a.r.e. stuff. the next couple days, everytime i gave her food or drinks she would get this dear in the headlights look and put her hands up in front of her and gasp! mom i can't eat that there's drugs in there!!!

oh, now for the big one. jesus. she says her favorite part of kindergarten is when they pray to jesus everymorning. i tried to tell her that you don't pray to hevenly father at school. and once again she tells me.. uh, mom, i'm in kindergarten. i know things. we pray to jesus every morning. (so i take a deep breathe) jackie... tell me what you say to jesus everyday. she stands up and gets this beautiful smile on her face, puts her hand over her heart and says. i pledge allegience, to the flag.... hahaha (one nation, under god)

our new president. dave and i were talking about voting and the different props. she wanted to know what a president was. so i told her that its like a king and queen, but we call them the president and the first lady. well a few days later she comes home all excited. we have a new president! his name is bamba rock! i say no hunny its barak obama. ( i very slowly and carefully pronounced it) uh mom i go to kindergarten. his name is rock mama, i mean rock bama. so we go back and forth for a few minutes playing a really bad game of telephone, before i give up and walk away.


lisa Rapier said...

having a President named Rock may cure me of the name!!!

Uncle Sue said...

Jackie is the cutest thing ever and I'm not making that up!

nrapier said...

I love that little munchkin! I going to take her under my wing and teach her all my hippy ways. You're going to have such an activist on your hands, Katie :)

Jessie said...

My goodness. Little Jackie knows all. Go Jackie! Jackie I pray to Jesus every morning too!!!! :) You had us laughing for a really long time. I couldn't breathe!