Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nate's LACO Fire Graduation

Nate graduated from the LACO Fire Academy on Friday 28 2009. It was a wonderful day and we are so proud of him.  Rick and I are so happy, I think I may miss making all those lunches for him =).  His new station is #12 in Alta Dena. He is on the B shift and his first day is February 1st.  We hope he doesn't have to cook on his first day. Ha!  

This is P. Michael Freeman (the #1 guy) presenting Nate with his badge, #1591.  Rick was able to really pin it on Nate thanks to Chief Bryant... First class to be able to do that in ages.
Here's Nate standing at attention, waiting to be called up to the  stage.  I love this picture!  Thank you  everyone for your support and prayers.  We love you and now can't wait for Mike to be next!


GMA Barb said...

Grandpa and I just loved being invited to see Nate graduate he looked so super and we are excited to have another fireman in the family. Our neighbor, Lori, was walking her dog when we got home and she had already gotten a call from "Chief Osbey" who was there handing out the certificates. He was happy for Nate, we have met him a couple of times when he was at her house but I don't think he had connected us to Nate. We told him we would see him again in June when Mike graduates.

Uncle Sue said...

Congrats Nater! We wish we could have been there. We're so proud of you. You'll make a great fireman! We love you!

Naomi said...

YEAH, I'm so happy for you Nate!!! You look awesome in your uniform! Good luck at the station, Mike won't bee too far behind ya! I'm so happy Rick got to pin the badge on Nate that is awesome!

Brad said...

Congratulations Nate. I am proud of you and your accomplishment. Remember, don't forget to "stage" before going into a real hot incident. Let the Sherifff's Deputies take care of the real hard work.

Grandma Debby said...

Nate looks so handsome in uniform! You too Rick. Congrats on your graduation can't wait to hear about the first few days in the Station.......Love you Nate!

Crazy Kris said...

Congratulations Nate!! we are so proud ouf you!!! Now we get to get ready for a wedding!!! PARTY!!!! Love you!!