Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi family

Ok, so I am finally on here! Thanks Debby for the persistance, this last time finally worked. So Mike is doing well in the Academy, he already told ya that! He comes home between 6 and 630pm every night eats dinner, sits on the couch and starts falling asleep around eight and then I shake him awake, he gets up, gets his stuff together for the next day, polishes his shoes (I help with that sometimes) then he's off to bed around 9pm, back up at 430am to do it all over again! I'm having fun getting up with him and making his lunch and breakfast and sending him out the door, then I go back to bed! On nights I work we sometimes see each other before I leave and he gets home for a few minutes in passing, so those days are hard because I go up to a couple days with out seeing him, and he's on his own for lunch! But I try to break my schedule up so that I only work one night at a time so I can be home to take care of him.

On Wednesdays he goes to the Chiropractor, and then that night we have mutual. So I try not to work Wednesdays so I can go to mutual and spend time with him during the day! Ok, so that is Mike's life right now, we look forward to seeing you guys on Sunday at Grandmas and Grandpas!

Now I have to tell a work story because I still am shaking from the experience, but this is why I pray for help every night I go to work....I will try to make it as clean as possible :)

Last night I went to work, had a normal c-section pt.... everything was going fine... then I got called back to Labor and Delivery to take over a co-workers pt because she had 2 of them and one was going to surgery.... So I got report, and basically the report said that she was 1 cm dilated, sleeping and not really feeling any contractions, she was 35 weeks pregnant, so a little early, but was Ruptured so we had to deliver her, our NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) knew about the baby because it was early so they were set up for the baby. Anyways this was at 245am. I walked into the room and introduced myself, and she said she wanted an epidural, I was explaining the pain management options.... you have to be 4cm... etc.... and then I was like well lets just check you... She was 5 cm, so I went and called the Doctor, and started getting her ready for the Epidural, they were in surgery so I gave her IV pain medication first to calm her pain down, and that worked... she went to sleep. This was around 0310am... not much time has passed.... so she dozed until about 0330, I was able to get her ready for an epidural so at 0335 I checked her and she was 7 cm... not feeling pressure so I called the Doctor, he stated he was 15 minutes away and coming in.... I said... ok, I thik if I try and sit her up for an epidural she will go to complete, he said try anyways... Ok, so I went to talk to the Anesthesiologist, and then he told me to go sit her up..... Walked back into the room about 0340 pt was getting up to the bathroom, she said she only had to pee and was not feeling pressure and that she's be right back out... It always makes me nervous when a multip (someone who has had more than one baby) gets up because they can dilate so fast.... so anways she went pee, and was in the bathroom, I kept asking if she was ok, she said yes, so I went and grabbed the doctors meds... and came back in, she was still in there, I put some gloves on to change her bed, when I heard a moan at 0343, I swung the bathroom door opened, pulled her off the toilet, put my hand down there and the head was crowning... her husband and I were trying to get her back to bed, I yelled for help, realized she wasn't going to make it to bed, ordered her husband to help me lay her down on the floor right there (outside the bathroom about 6 feet away from the bed) and as soon as we layed her on the floor the head (which I had been trying to hold in) came out, then I was all twisted half upside down anyways I must have looked hilarious... anyways, I delivered the rest of the baby, (don't worry the baby didn't hit the floor, I was holding onto it for dear life) another nurse walked in and helped clamp and cut the cord, meanwhile, another nurse came in with blankets I grabbed one to stimulate the baby to cry, as soon a the cord was cut, I hurried the baby over to the warmer, NICU came in to assess baby (by the way the baby was born at 0344), meanwhile the baby was crying and looking great (oh and when it came out in it's left hand the baby had the cord wrapped around and was squeezing it like a bunjee cord (like it was bracing itself for the speedy delivery!) So I had blood all over me, my hands were clean, but the rest of my body was not, the floor was a mess... so we cleaned the floor, three of us got her up and placed her in bed, where the Placenta delivered, and the doctor walked in at 0355.... so I had this pt for one hour... and ya... crazy night.... it was like an outer body experience, I am truly grateful that Heavenly Father gave me nursing instincts that jumped into action and took over, because I doubt if I would have been able to tell you how i would have handled that situation, I just did, and ya, so Prayer is amazing, and I guess all those studying hours of critical thinking skills buried themselves in me somewhere, to come out at the right moments! I have to say though, that dad was my hero, he didn't panick and he listened to every order I barked at him! Ok, so that was a crazy wacky night in the life of a Labor and Delivery nurse!


Lisa Rapier said...

Hey! I'm glad you finally got on. It's good to hear about Mike's life in the academy =). Way to go at work with the delivery!!!! Grandma Pauline would be proud of you.

John and Sherri Rex Family said...

OH My GOSH! That is CRAZY!!!!! Good job Nay.

Grandma Debby said...

Hey Naomi! I'm glad you finally are able to post. I saw Mike Sunday night and he looks good, I'm glad you're taking good care of him....Sounds like an exciting night in Labor and Delivery! I bet the husband was glad you were there to give directions. Good job!