Sunday, January 25, 2009

survivor stratagy

i think its funny that sue and ed posted about survivor. mom and i have been asking our clients a question for a couple weeks and i keep forgetting to ask my family the same question.

how would you play the game? would do what you could to play the game? would you always tell the truth? would you outwit, out last, out play? or would you pull a johnny fair play? hahaha

what would you do? i personaly would know how to start a fire, tie knots, fish, and make jewelry(jenn i need some pointers) i would play the game. if i needed to pull a johny i would. heelllooo people, it worked!(for a little while) but it sure was good tv. i have family and friends, and i am not going for more. i am going to play


Lisa Rapier said...

After talking to clients and getting all their ideas I think I would lay low for a while and check everyone out before making an alliance. I would absolutely not sing on the first day (that gets you kicked off ) and I would hold out on the beach games until people get a little bored. Then I would sock it to them with our river games. they would keep me just to find out how many pears were hanging there! Ha

GMA Barb said...

I totally agree with Lisa. I would also not say much for the first few days and check out the people before making any alliance. I would take extra time to get my swimming toned up and for sure practice with flint and steel before I went. Gandpa and I are keeping our fingers crossed that Ed gets on.

Grandma Debby said...

OK, I've thought about it now. I'd lay low, work hard and try not to irritate anyone. I'd be prepared before I went. Swim everyday, practice starting fires with flint and steel and with my glasses! Of course I'd have to join Lisa and Sue at the Gym becuase I'm in terrible shape! Oh, and do puzzles lots of puzzles.
Start practicing Ed.