Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa to Arizona

Grandpa was itchy to go someplace so since we had never seen tombstone decided to go see what was there.....No idea that it had been a huge city where silver was discovered and brought in cowboys, miners, shopkeepers and hookers....So.....We got past Blythe early and decided to go as far as Apache Junction, not a good idea...the Pheonix traffic was worse than the 60 and 10 put together. By the time we got there it was COLD, grandpa had a heck of a time hooking up the TV and the electric blanket didn't heat up very well. Next morning water pipes were frozen and we couldn't even fllush potty! We survived the night and decided to find a little market or something in that little town....WALLMART... and hundreds of snow birds.Checked in with Lisa and Debby and thought we bettter check in with Ed and discovered he was in the town we had just passed thru....Pheonix....He and Sue were there for a race.
We did have fun in Tombstone, saw the exact spot where the gunfight at the OK correl was, in fact they were putting on a little drama depicting the gunfight. Explored the town and then back to the trailer. I decided to go to the Ladies room, went in, "went", the toilet overflowed, I decided I would go to the office to report it, but when I started to walk out I noticed two urinals and figured "Oh my gosh, I am in the Mens side"...oops I walked out the door, not looking to the right or left and scurried to our trailer. Nate said " Honey'remember there are five letters on the womens side and three on the mens...Next morning off to go home....Truck driving great...A man drove up next to us and kept pointing at the rear of the trailer....Oh no...a shredded tire...It took about an hour for AAA to arrive and change it to the spare...In town we bought a new spare and off again, listning to a really good book on tape when a truck driver started pointing to the trailer. What now??? The awning had come loose....We got off the freeway as soon as possible and somehow got the thing to roll up good enough to continue traveling. Got home and are trying to think of where we want to go next...

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Lisa Rapier said...

It sounds like an episode of "I love Lucy" and the long long trailer. Mom, did you forget your glasses when you went to the bathroom? I would have been laughing my head off if it was me!!!!! I'm glad you had a great time and I'm glad your home safe.