Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherri!!!!!

Hope you have a very happy birthday. By the way, glad you were able to get a new dishwasher! Happy Day.


Lisa Rapier said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sherri!! Hope you had a great day and it lasts for the rest of the month!!! love you, Lisa

GMA Barb said...

Happy Birthday Sherri....Gift on the way....Hope your day was wonderful...Love...Gma Barb

John and Sherri Rex Family said...

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes. I had a great day!

Thank you Lisa for my knitted wash clothes. I use them everyday.

Debby I love the Magic Bullet! I use it a couple times a day. The kids love it because I make them smoothies almost everyday after school. Thank you again. Love you!