Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mike's Academy

So...... the news that is not official but almost official as soon as Chief Heinsel signs it.... well because of the budget cuts and what not.... they are cutting Mike's academy down by 2 weeks meaning he will graduate now on Friday May 15th, the week of the river. Now it is not set in stone, just almost.... so I will definetely let you guys know, just giving a heads up. Mike did not want me to say anything because it is the week of the river... he was just planning on graduating and telling you guys afterwards... really..... he is so funny. If he really wanted that to happen, he wouldn't have told me :) But really, he doesn't want anyones river trip to be cut short for a boring graduation.... but I'm bummed because they should have shaved one more week off so the possibility of going to the river for me could have been entertained :) Anyways, for those that want to go to the graduation, that's when it is for now.... It's really not a big deal to Mike though who comes so don't worry about it, we'll miss everyone at the river though, maybe some of you guys will want to take another mini trip in the summer or something to hang out at the river for a few days!!!! Anyways, we love you all, thank you for your support, Mike is doing great, tired, but hanging in there. He's been doing really well on all his tests, and his finals are in two weeks for combat training. We will keep you updated.

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Rex64stang said...

Ok... just found out that it won't be on the 15th. It will be somewhere close though a couple days before, or a couple days later. Just not on the 15th.