Friday, February 27, 2009

Ed's new video blog

Ed is now doing a video blog on our website.  So if you're interested in keeping up on what's going on with our crazy life, you can watch it at  Just click on FPMX TV at the top of the page.  :D


Grandma Debby said...

OK.....I finally watched two episodes of FPMX guys are hilarious and seriously disturbed! And I thought Lisa was the only truly distrubed member of our family.....I WAS WRONG! ha ha

Brad said...

Ouch!!!!!!!!!That hand looks like it hurts. You guys sound like all the other married couples I have taken to jail. How did you hurt yourself again Sue? You guys are the best. I enjoyed watching it.

Lisa Rapier said...

I knew I could not be the only disturbed member of the family but does Dad know yet how truly disturbed Ed is....and Sue caught it from him! Sue your hand looks awful - how did it really happen. You dont need to protect Ed cuz this kind of thing seems to be ok in the entertainment world now!!!! Just kidding =) You two are STARS!! love you