Friday, April 17, 2009


This morning (Friday after Easter) Grandpa and I were out weeding the hill when I found a purple Easter Egg! WHAT!!!!! Someone came in and feasted on the food without finding their egg. NO WAY!!! When I looked at the name I was surprised to see that our own Danny had actually come in and had food while his egg was still in its hiding place.
We had a late start as so many have late Church but we had a great time even if the weather was a little cool. The Bocchi ball tournament got cut a little short and Grandpa and Mike were victorious over Dave and John, but that was the only game played. We missed Jenny, Warren, Billy, Mason, Hailey and Nicki. The rest of the gang was here and we had a good visit and had the usual Easter food. We celebrated Tyler and Dannys birthdays. Tyler was thrilled with his new bat from his mom and dad and Grandma made a pillow case for Danny that had the names of a lot of favorite surfing spots on it. I wish you could have seen his face when he opened it. He thought it was a shirt when he first saw it and I think he thought that I had lost my mind. He would never want to be seen in it but was real happy to think of sleeping on it and dreaming about surfing. Karen Amagrande came by with two of her daughters, Michelle and Bekka and we all had fun reminising about good times at the River.
We all are looking forward to Mothers day at Black Meadow and so here is the cooking schedule

Lunch..Debby and Grandma
Dinner..Eddie and Sue

Lunch..Sherri and John
Dinner..Debby nd Grandma

Lunch..Sherri and John
Dinner..Lisa and Rick (Toco Salad)

Lunch..Brad and Kristin
Dinner..Katie and Dave

Lunch..Brad and Kristin
Dinner..Jenny and Warren

Mike is graduating on Friday and a lot of us will be leaving Thursday to go to that so those
who stay can eat leftovers.......Okay?????



nrapier said...

I can't believe I missed it! Danny, you weasel! Don't you know to not mess with tradition that way.

I love you all, and am so sad I missed Easter.

SusieQ said...

Danny said he found his egg. He would never cheat! It must be from last year when he wasn't there or there were two Danny eggs. He said Nate didn't have an egg this year. He couldn't find it at least, so maybe there were 2 Danny eggs. hahahah