Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to the beehive state.

Guys, it's been great being down here in CA. But I'm headed back to the great white north.

Obama put the brakes on the Border Patrol's hiring, so I'm going back up to finish school. There's a catch, however. I'm transferring from BYU to to UVU (formerly UVSC) to do their fire program. I'm doing EMT and whatnot this semester and a fire academy next semester. Paramedic school is next year.

Here is a recent picture of me:

I rescued that baby from a tree, and somehow my turnout coat and shirt got ripped off in the process... Dangers of the job...

Love you all. Wish me luck.


Brad said...

Good luck Danny. Love the picture.

Grandma Debby said...

Good Luck sure to come back to us!!!!! Sounds like a good plan. Love you.